RP Terraria Servers

RP is short for Roleplay - All the servers you can find below are based on roleplaying. Only join one of them if you are truely interested in roleplay.
Roleplay servers can be some of the most fun servers to be on, but it requires more from every player than traditional servers without RP.

International terraria server list - This list is made to help players find good multiplayer servers to be able to play terraria online with/against other players.

Server name




+ 920 -532

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24/7 TShock Server with Freebuild and Ranking system, as well as a number of other plugins.


+ 537 -366

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We're a gaming community dedicated to getting the best out of our games. This is our Terraria Server, visit the website for more information. You can also use: terraria.ghoztcraft.net.


+ 257 -226

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Our TShock server for all to connect and play. 24/7 Public Server running TShock on our own dedicated server. Slots: 16 Friendly gaming community.

+ 82 -85

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"UoGames" game portal. 24/7 online. 60 Slots / No lags / International / Fast connection / TShok / Cheat items and weapons are disabled


+ 302 -148

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.::|MGC Vanilla|::. 24/7 365 Public Server. Dedicated 100mbit. Slots: 8 Friendly gaming community. ----------------------------------------------------- Website: http://mcpioneers.servegame.com ------

+ 155 -191

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Join! NOW! Invite some friends!

+ 20 -14

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[CTF] [Freebuild] [Protected] [PvE] [PvP] [Roleplay] [Survival] [TShock] Welcome to our Terraria server! Here you will find all that you need to play your favourite game with other terrarians.

+ 67 -42

Whitelist PVE PVP Roleplay WWW


Features: -CTF, FFA, TDM, /duel -Free Items -Friendly staff 24/7 -Medieval styled ranks (King, Lord, Knight etc....) -Awesome pixel art! -Epic commutnity! -Easy to earn ranks -Easily get noticed in ch


+ 83 -58

PVP Roleplay Youtube Video WWW


Ever wanted to just hang out with your friends or meet new players? Welp, TerraNova's the place for you! We offer sweet ranks, awesome staff, freebuilding, roleplaying, and a sleek website that includ

+ 34 -15

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Looking for a fun new server? Look no further... D&B Server is the place to be, with lots of open space and fun players. We are a 24/7 server with lots of PVP, PVE, Free building, and other exciting e

+ 2 -2

PVE PVP Roleplay


Not Hamachi, TShock, Open 24/7, Averaging 15-20 people right now and could use more. Visit forums.darkspin.com and participate in the community.

+ 39 -26

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Our TShock server for all to connect and play. 24/7 Public Server running TShock on our own dedicated server. Slots: 16 Friendly gaming community.

+ 9 -11

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Open 24/7 , Running BossSpawner2 & Housing District Tshock Plugins

+ 3 -3

PVE PVP Roleplay


Come online and play with us, brand new server with tshock support. Online 24/7 with Tshock and there should be no lag at all! (Hosted in UK) Will probably be running some frost moon events. See you

+ 3 -9

PVE PVP Roleplay


Hi there! Looking for more mature english speaking players for this soft/hard core world. level system, house protection, chest protection. Welcome!

+ 5 -1

PVE PVP Roleplay


Welcome to Left 6 Dead Community Server L6D's Server provides genuine Survival gameplay with bonuses that included advanced resources, recommended cooperative play, and building areas on our special u


+ 2 -5

PVE PVP Roleplay WWW


A Core Terraria Survival Experience - Read Forum Rules for Password - Progress through the normal world and earn access to the hardmode world Prove yourself worthy and climb your way to the top: th


+ 14 -6

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- [XP] [Tshock] [Teamspeak FR/EN] [24/7] [Anti-cheat] [Survival/Freebuild] [SSC] [Starter Kit] [Regenerating World] [Raid Dungeon] [Chest protection] [House protection] [Event Arena] [Sign Commands] [

+ 9 -3

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Servidor DEDICADO BRASILEIRO 1GB RAM Windows Server 2012 R2 30GB SSD


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hallo leute


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