PVP Terraria Servers

PVP is where players can kill each other - PVP is mainly seen on Survival and Vanilla servers and rarely seen on Classic servers.
On PVP servers you need to aware of the potential risk of getting killed by other players and your gear looted.
Servers like this is the right choice for you if you love to hunt others and be hunted yourself.

International terraria server list - This list is made to help players find good multiplayer servers to be able to play terraria online with/against other players.

Server name


[Tshock] [Anti-Infinest] [Level System] [SEconomy] [SSC] [Regenerating World] [PvP Arena] [Survival] [24/7] [House Protection] [Events] [Dedicated] [125 Slots] [Exper-Weekends] [Chest Protecti


+ 1690 -855

PVE PVP Roleplay Youtube Video WWW


Looking for an adventure? Look no further! We're a community Terraria server, dedicated to its players and their enjoyment of the game! - Survival/PVE aspects, we prefer the nicer kind of gameplay - P


+ 1329 -736

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[Tshock] [Anti-Infinest] [Level System] [SEconomy] [Regenerating World] [PvP Arena] [24/7] [House Protection] [Events] [Dedicated] [100 Slots] [Expert-Weekends] [Chest Protection] [Hardmode] [


+ 365 -195

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Aurora is a fast growing Terraria server powered by unique ideas. Join us in our colorful world for an unforgettable Terraria experience, where your possibilities of having fun reach no limit! [FREE I

+ 241 -117



G.E.C.K - AO is an adults only server we do not allow minors here and entering so is at your own risk. We offer building tutorials and unrestricted access to building materials. By agreeing to the fol

+ 65 -29

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24/7 TShock Server with Freebuild and Ranking system, as well as a number of other plugins.


+ 702 -452

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New Characters only

+ 153 -240

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.::|MGC Vanilla|::. 24/7 365 Public Server. Dedicated 100mbit. Slots: 8 Friendly gaming community. ----------------------------------------------------- Website: https://mgcgaming.co.uk --------------

+ 191 -225

PVE PVP Roleplay


Dark Gaming offers Terraria Players a place of freedom; unbound by stupid rules and limitations. We give you a full-range of commands to begin with to enhance your experience in the way you like it th


+ 104 -62



Celestial Star Valley is a region within the Nation of Siran on the Planet Ethuria Space is called the Sea of stars and there is legends that Great travelers from far away have visited our Planet. Yo


+ 48 -41

PVE PVP Roleplay


Dark Gaming is a dedicated terraria server with premium services both server-side and in-game. With our exclusive shop, estate, free-build area, facilities and more you will never need to go to anothe


+ 363 -145

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Join! NOW! Invite some friends!

+ 23 -18

Whitelist PVE PVP Roleplay


A server with few rules and where the players make the fun! You need a hardcore character to join this server. PvP is always enabled. Server-side inventory is on. Because of the above, I recommend y

+ 53 -91

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A 24/7 server max 255 players, large map, nothing special running just have good fun!


+ 95 -101



LtB Terraria is a Terraria server that is meant for people who not only enjoy PVP and slaughtering bosses, but for them whom also enjoy playing the game, gathering resources, building and completing t

+ 66 -70



Server is actively developing! Every Thursday and Sunday held reconstruction server into account suggestions and wishes of players! Hope you will enjoy playing on our server (:

+ 61 -35

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Terrafan server now live! Dig, fight, play with friends!

+ 14 -11



Welcome to Left 6 Dead Community Server L6D's Server provides genuine Survival gameplay with bonuses that included advanced resources, recommended cooperative play, and building areas on our special u


+ 23 -22

PVE PVP Roleplay


Welcome to Do Anything! Here, every player has access to ALL non-management commands. PvP, PvE, build, grief, spawn mobs, spawn items, and more! Have fun!

+ 0 -0



RenCorner's Terraria server, running the TShock mod, hosted in Dallas, Texas


+ 51 -16



[TShock] [] [Freebuild] [SSC] [Role-Play] [Protected] [PvE] [PvP] [Survival] [Jail] [24/7] [Arena] [50 Slots] [New large world] [Warps]

+ 6 -5

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Jupiter: A Public Free Build / PvP Terraria Server IP: svr76.strangled.net Port: 7777 Server hosted on Vortex Servers: https://vortexservers.com/ Domain provided by FreeDNS: http://freedns.afraid.org


+ 91 -21



TShock, SSC, Free Build, Looking for players

+ 6 -12



Welcome to Left 6 Dead Community Server We’re a small server for a quiet, but friendly community. Our objective is to create the most beautiful Terraria Town World with still plenty of adventures. I

+ 7 -7

PVE PVP Youtube Video WWW


Saludos. Bienvenidos al servidor de Terraria de Interactive Chile, el sucesor de IO6, servidores chilenos. Todos los hispanohablantes son bienvenidos. Todos parten de cero. El sistema SSC de TShock h


+ 48 -6

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Welcome to ShadowRain! Vote today and get 25,000 Rain Crystals! After voting you can type /reward in-game to get your reward. Vote here: http://terraria-servers.com/server/1105/vote/ Features: ~ Alw

+ 9 -5

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Servidor Español


+ 3 -3

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If you build a house, you're free to request region protection, this means only you'll be able to build/destroy near your building, you can add your friends aswell. Come join and do whatever you want

+ 3 -0

Whitelist PVE PVP Roleplay


Terraria PVP RUS

+ 5 -0



Our TShock 16 slot public server. https://mgcgaming.co.uk - Sorting the ssl certificate issue so just ignore it for now. Any issues please contact us on our site using one or more of the methods ava

+ 0 -0