NoWhitelist Terraria Servers

Want to join a server without a whitelist protection? Well here they are :)
Whitelist is often used by server owners to protect the server from random people - with a whitelist enabled, players need to be approved before they can join.

Some servers do like to have it totally open for all - good way to play here and now without any obligations.

International terraria server list - This list is made to help players find good multiplayer servers to be able to play terraria online with/against other players.

Server name


Just a random terraria server! It's Cool And Fun To Play On!!!!!! Spawn is in a Village! No server side inventory!!!!

+ 2 -5



Come online and play with us, brand new server with tshock support. Online 24/7 with Tshock and there should be no lag at all! (Hosted in UK) Will probably be running some frost moon events. See you

+ 6 -14

PVE PVP Roleplay


Build!, PVP, Fight Bosses! and more! Come to Sandbox the most Epic server ever! Explore the darkest caves, fight the most dangerous bosses! This server will be a server you'll never forget! Admin: Ag

+ 29 -14



Free build! Free items! Boss battles! Awesome admins! Great community! Great plugins! JOIN NOW!

+ 13 -14

Youtube Video WWW


Terrafan server now live! Dig, fight, play with friends!

+ 1 -4



+ 4 -10



hope u have fun

+ 7 -5

PVE PVP Roleplay


.::|MGC Vanilla|::. 24/7 365 Public Server. Dedicated 100mbit. Slots: 24 Friendly gaming community.

+ 3 -7



right now it is primarily a building server but in the future kits will be added.

+ 0 -0



Hi there! Looking for more mature english speaking players for this soft/hard core world. level system, house protection, chest protection. Welcome!

+ 5 -2

PVE PVP Roleplay


Welcome to Left 6 Dead Community Server L6D's Server provides genuine Survival gameplay with bonuses that included advanced resources, recommended cooperative play, and building areas on our special u

+ 3 -5

PVE PVP Roleplay WWW


We are a small group of regular Terraria Players who like to build things and have fun. 24/7 dedicated server running with Tshock. We have a beautiful spawn house, a spacious NPC house.. a Builders

+ 3 -1



Some features: -Leveling system -Classes -Arenas -Four adventure zones -Forcing new characters(SSC) -Serverside currency -House and chest protection -Hacker prevention -Our world regenerates regurarly

+ 0 -2



- [XP] [Tshock] [Teamspeak FR/EN] [24/7] [Anti-cheat] [Survival/Freebuild] [SSC] [Starter Kit] [Regenerating World] [Raid Dungeon] [Chest protection] [House protection] [Event Arena] [Sign Commands] [

+ 10 -3

PVE PVP Roleplay WWW


This is a small server that is very fun. Please don't grief or build without promition. Visit our website at

+ 2 -0


Welcome to the server New Terraria-World v. (international) Here you can start your travels from scratch or have a good time with friends, building a house together, etc., on a huge free spa

+ 21 -9



RenCorner's Terraria server, newly made, running the TShock mod, hosted in Dallas, Texas

+ 7 -10



It's a freebuild server...... also there is free items and shit and also pretty fast promotes and shizzzzz ........... whatever

+ 2 -12


Jupiter: A Public Free Build / PvP Terraria Server IP: Port: 7777 Server hosted on Vortex Servers: Domain provided by FreeDNS:

+ 41 -13



A Little server containing: free items, nice staff members and free building!

+ 1 -2



This is a fun little server created by the Terrarian named Angel Of Death, I am an admin you may see on the server when you join, Please enjoy the server and have a great time. :D

+ 1 -2



Welcome to Fission Terraria, a world where you can build what you want, do what you want, kill monsters, kill each other in PvP, chat, and have fun!

+ 6 -2

PVE PVP Roleplay WWW


Join us now! :) IP: PORT: 7777 Get more infos at... our Website tShock

+ 2 -3

PVE PVP Roleplay WWW


This is a description!!!

+ 0 -0


we love you to join our server join our

+ 0 -1


join and register if you want theres no bad words on my server wallmartgaming soon change name to TerrariaTreeFriends

+ 0 -2


BlankServers is a server community where the admins take a hands-off approach. We are anti-SJW, and very friendly. Another aspect is suggestions; we actually care what you have to say. Just say it on

+ 2137 -0



i luv u too

+ 0 -0


join our steam group WallMartGaming2 and register on our server if you wanna play have a good day mr.

+ 0 -1


Under the Dome, Lost in the Maze, Upgrading often, Replacing the non claimed regions outside of the dome every few weeks with new content. Under the Dome is spawn protected. Good Luck!

+ 0 -1