NoWhitelist Terraria Servers

Want to join a server without a whitelist protection? Well here they are :)
Whitelist is often used by server owners to protect the server from random people - with a whitelist enabled, players need to be approved before they can join.

Some servers do like to have it totally open for all - good way to play here and now without any obligations.

International terraria server list - This list is made to help players find good multiplayer servers to be able to play terraria online with/against other players.

Server name



+ 1 -3


8 slot Vanilla Terraria server.

+ 1 -0



Download @ [Tshock] [Anti-Infinest] [Level System] [SEconomy] [SSC] [Regenerating World] [PvP Arena] [House Protection] [Events] [Dedicated] [200 Slots] [x2

+ 5 -0

PVE PVP Youtube Video WWW


A tshock server that is under development, but you can still join! -PVE(Both bosses and mobs) -PVP -Free items (chestroom and /item) -Clans(build, pvp, etc.) -Awesome staff -Owner is online most of th

+ 1 -0



This is the Open Terraria API (OTAPI) test server. OTAPI is a new generation of server and client modifications; and is already being used by TDSM (Rebind) and TShock 5 (Orion). Feel free to invite f

+ 1 -0



The revival of the previous Sandbox server a few years ago. Users get the /i command and many others! Build to get the trusted rank.

+ 0 -0


This is a hardcore only tshock server.

+ 1 -0


Server is actively developing! Every Thursday and Sunday held reconstruction server into account suggestions and wishes of players! Hope you will enjoy playing on our server (:

+ 92 -50

PVE PVP Youtube Video WWW