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Welcome to Left 6 Dead Community Server
L6D's Server provides genuine Survival gameplay with bonuses that included advanced resources, recommended cooperative play, and building areas on our special unique Island.


World Regeneration - World regenerates after 10 base votes.
Dungeon Overhaul - Dungeons contain 300% more chests, traps, fake chests, and more.
The Island - The Terrarian homeworld for building houses, protected chests, and valuables.
Surface Teleporter - A teleporter that lets you travel from The Island to the Surface at any time.
Monthly Maps - New maps every month, keep your inventory, lose your homes and chests.
Yearly Reset - New Inventory, New World, Brand New Adventure!
What are we using?
We currently have advanced version of WorldEdit, and World Regeneration. These features allow all players to obtain items even when they are taken by players. Be advised, chests only regenerate after a 10-Vote Period has been achieved.

Banned from Server?
You can do a Ban Appeal on the forums by going to our website (Links are available above). You may dislike our server for being banned, but this only shows how many people have been banned from cheating. You make dislikes look like an award, rather than cursing us. :) WARNING: We release IP/Names for other servers to ban you and save them the trouble of dealing with you.

Dislike or Like Server
Remember that every time you "Like" our server, World Regeneration is triggered ever so slightly sooner. If you dislike the server, you only prove to us how many trouble makers we have gotten rid of since the server was initiated.

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terraria server L6D's Community Server • 1.3.5

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